Zoeva; Rose Golden vol2 set

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Okay I caved, for months now I’ve been wanting to buy the zoeva rose gold set and everytime I planned too I could never get through the purchase, almost £80 on make-up brushes, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it but I wanted them so very badly.
I stumbled across beauty bayI think when I googled the brushes (for the millionth time) and seen they were only £56 and included next day delivery. Now I know £56 still seems a lot of money but to me seemed like pennies compared to what I was going to be paying!
And so they arrrived and they are so beautiful. I’ve never been one to really swoon or gush over brushes but I am in love with these beauties.
This set comes with 8 brushes for face and eyes. They include;
A Luxe Face Paint (109)
A cheek finish (126)
Buffer brush (104)
Brow line brush (322)
Smokey Shader brush (234)
smudger brush (226)
wing liner brush (317)
Crease brush (228)

They’re all the brushes you could need for doing your make-up, the only one I’m not sure about using is the brow line brush but I think it could work well as a eyeliner brush so we’ll see how that goes.  They really are a pleasure to use.
The quality of the brushes are fantastic the bristles are so soft! And the handles good quality. I can see why they are so popular and they’re so well made.
With this set I have all need for doing my make-up including a matching make-up bag.

So if you’re thinking about picking up the some Zoeva brushes I reccomend trying out the beauty bay.

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