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YSL ~ Kiss & Blush

YSL recently released a range of  lip and cheek combo in this
cute glass little bottle.
At an eye watering £27 I thought long and hard before choosing which shade I would buy and decided on the  pretty pink shade (no 9) that I could use everyday (so I can get good use of my £27).

On the lips it gives a lovely natural tint, but its on my cheeks where I really fell in love. It so easy to apply and gives the perfect sun kissed glow to the cheeks, so natural and pretty.
Since I bought it a few days after they were released it’s all i’ve used on my cheeks, I am hooked.

The lip shade is perfect for a baby doll, a more natural look.
The consistency is creamy with a powdery feel to it, but glides on the cheeks perfectly. The powdery feel most noticeable on the lips but not a big problem.
I really don’t regret spending £27 as you get two really beautiful products in one.
I’m interested to see how some of the more brighter shades will be and  know soon i’m going to splurge and buy another & you can buy it here.



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