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I am so excited to finally have a tarte product!  I hear so much about the brand and was super excited when QVC began selling their products but my excitment came tumbling down when I got to the checkout to find they don’t accept my card!
I huffed and puffed a while and would go back and forth hoping they’d added maestro to list of cards. They still haven’t but I managed to get someone to order for me!  I had intended buying the much loved amazonian clay blushers but decided to go for the Tartlette £28.92 palette.
My next purchase will defintely be a blush.
The Tartlette palette comes with 12 matte shades, just like my lips i prefer matte eyeshadows.
There is a mixture of pale pinks and off whits to pinky purples to browns and even a black.
It’s so gorgeous…
I love wearing pale pink on my eyes with a slick of eyeliner. The brown eyeshadow is great for using as liner for a softer look tooo. The pigmentation is impressive. The colours can be used for day and night time so it’s pretty versatile so it may be all you need if you’re going on holiday or a little getaway.

Now time for the shallowness but the packaging is beautiful the ombre purple to keep in theme of the shades… and the gold hardwear.
There is a great mirror and the names of the shades are printed underneather the shade which is something I find so useful (perhaps for the blogger side of things).

So weather you want a neautral eye look or a dramatic smokey eye this is everything you need.

What are your tarte top picks?

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