Clinique Liquid Pop - Flame Pop
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Yes, it’s another post on liquid lipsticks….

Well Hello!

Before we get into todays post let me apologise for the lack of content on PennyxxLane, at the moment I’m managing to get around one post published a week but things have been busy and I’m trying to up my posts again but please just bear with.

Clinique Liquid Pop

Anyway back to todays post – are you fed up of liquid lipstick posts yet? I thought I had written all that I could on them but Cliniques Pop Liquid(£16.50) fell into my hands and you know I had to try it. The Pop Liquids are matte in finish and perhaps the unique selling point is that it has a primer built into the formula – matte lips can sometimes be tricky to apply to lips especially if you’re lips are not as fresh or smooth as we’d all like, so the primer helps ensure that the colour applies to them smoothly to create a better finish! There are 8 shades in the range and I guess is a sister line to their Colour Pop lipstick range (which is definitely worth a look at)

I have the shade Flame Pop, a vibrant red which is really beautiful, as much as I love red lipsticks I find it hard to wear the classic Lip – I just don’t feel like I suit many reds, however I am obsessed with Flame Pop so that’s a winner straight away! I think it also helps my blue eyes pop too, I don’t know what it is, I like it the colour and how it looks on me a lot.
The colour dries to a matte but thankfully it’s not tacky or heavy or at all drying.
I do find that there is transfer and even after sometime the colour comes off on to mugs etc… it doesn’t seem to affect the impact or make the colour fade on your lips. Put it this way don’t go kissing anyone unless they also want to be wearing the colour too! It does leave a stain on your lips too so when it does eventually fade there is still a colour on your lips.

The pros is this colour in particular is vibrant and beautiful and applies to the lip sooo smoothly which is probably with help from the primer – Another pro is that the formula doesn’t feel drying or uncomfortable on the lips, however that leads to my con… it doesn’t seem to completely dry down like other liquid lipsticks that I have tried so it can cause transfer.

Clinique Liquid Pop - Flame Pop

Have you tried the Liquid Pops? Or are you completely over the Liquid Lip party?

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