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Winter Night In Edinburgh

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After a 12 hour day, I decided to take a trip round Edinburgh, one of the most Beautiful cities in the world, made even more beautiful at night time when it is lit by hundreds of lights. Despite working in Edinburgh and living just outside it, I love spending time in the city is being a “tourist” visiting parts I’ve been to hundred times. It was a bitterly cold evening but it was really nice way to spend the evening!Edinburgh At Night

Views Around Edinburgh

Barries Close


Edinburgh Castle

We spent most of the evening in the Old Town and ventured up to Edinburgh Castle which looked beautiful all lit up….
On the way home we stopped by our favourite ice cream parlour; Luca’s, where they sell the most amazing flavours.

Lucas Ice Cream Parlour


Lucas Ice Cream Parlour

I went with my old favourite Vanilla (boring but it’s amazing) and also a scoop of ferro roche… delicious!

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(All photos taken on Olympus Pen EPl7)

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