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Wilde Like Me is the first women’s fiction novel from Louise Pentland, being a fan of chick lits and having read many over the years I was thrilled to hear Louise was entering the world and writing a book aimed at my age group. I have watched her popular Youtube videos for some time and love the delivery of her anecdotes so I didn’t find it hard to imagine that she could translate that into a novel.

Wilde Like Me is about a single mum Robin and her struggle and desire to live a much happier life than she is living, feeling lost and an outsider amongst other Mums in the playground, she’s desperate to find herself again rather than her “mummy” identity – in doing this she pushes herself to date men and further her career as a makeup artist. Just as I hoped Louise’s natural humour oozes into the pages and there are plenty of moments where I laughed out loud (which only a few books have made me do). In the same way that the book can have you chuckling away, it also punches you in the feels.

Wilde Like Me - Louise Pentland Signed

I’m excited for Robin, I see her as someone who could be a real heroine in a book series like Becky Bloomwood, her story is definitely not a one book tale, I sympathised with her and rooted for her which is everything you want in a leading book lady not too mention I found myself relating to many aspects of her life (despite not being a mother).There were quite a few characters which I really enjoyed and I hope their stories are expanded in any future books, there’s definitely more there (I’m looking at Kath, Finola and Gillian). Another thing I really enjoyed was how relevant the book was in regards to pop culture, Louise knows a thing or two about the internet world and as it’s such a prominent aspect of life nowadays it was nice to see her embrace that which made the book feel very in the moment.

It is a wonderful debut novel and I do hope that this is just the beginning of Louise’s writing career because she has the charm and wit to create funny, light-hearted novels that woman of all ages can read and enjoy.

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