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Whats Inside My Mini BackPack

My most recent bag of choice has been this mini backpack from Primark! It’s such a handy size for every day and as it’s smaller than a traditional backpack it doesn’t feel like a burden on your back. It’s been great being able to take everything I want without stuffing it into a bag that just isn’t big enough and I always enjoy having my hands available. Let me show you what I usually carry with me for everyday purposes.

I’ve recently started using a Bullet Journal and I really enjoy being able to take it out with me in case there is anything I need to note down or ideas that pop into my head, to accompany that I have two Stabilo Pens if you’re a pen snob like me you’ll appreciate a good pen and I really enjoy this one.
I wear Contact Lenses so it’s important for me to have my contact case and a pair of glasses in case anything happens or my eyes get irritated etc..
I don’t tend to carry much makeup I have the Revlon Instafix Touch Up Stick in case I need to refresh my skin or cover up any pesky blemishes. Of course, I have a bunch of lipsticks in the bottom of my bag – this changes often. I always carry a mirror because I get the old “you have something on your face” comment for too often (I usually forget I’m wearing an eye full of makeup and rub my eyes – doh) so I’m currently using a mirror from a Too Faced Blush for that. I use to use my Charlotte Tilbury, Bronze and Glow Compact but I have sad news to report – my CT highlighter crumbled and I’ve just abandoned it on my table as I’m in denial about cleaning it up etc…
My phone and headphones are a must, it’s a bad day if I forget my headphone – pretty standard. As I use a card holder I always have change floating around – I can’t wait for buses in Scotland to get contactless although I will miss buying the sneaky chocolate bar to get change, so I’ll enjoy that for now.

I always find that I need the use of Handcream when I’m out and about so it pretty much lives in there. I’m using Dermofila Hand Barrier Cream which not only smells amazing but it works brilliantly at making your hands feel soft and hydrated and not just greasy.
My current fragrance choice is one of the Victoria Secret Body Mists (with a missing lid of course) – this is perfect for the sunny months, it’s flirty and fun.

What I didn’t include was; a shit load of bus tickets, many a receipt and one too many chocolate bar wrappers (Damn those buses) And my Olympus Pen Camera (because I was using it to take these photos).
As I can’t link the bag I’m using above I have linked a few I have my eye on.

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