Whats in my handbag – Weekend Edition

Here is my Whats in my handbag -Weekend Edition, During the week when i’m at work I carry so much stuff (i’ll do a work edition soon) so at the weekend I always take advantage of using a smaller bag. I usually change my bag often as I have plenty to choose from at the moment i’m using this new  green bucket style bag from Primark! Yep primark and it only cost me £8.  It has a detachable strap but I mainly like carrying it.
Anyway on to the contents, as I said I carry a lot during the week so at  the weekend I like to keep it to the bare minimum. Obviously I always carry my phone which is the IPhone 5 and I always like to carry my  headphones too so I can listen to some tunes( tunes thats lame).
I have my keys so I can get in the house one of the many things I often forget, along with my glasses and then I get a head ache.
I have began carrying a diary with me as my memory is so bad nowadays that I need to keep little notes. I got this one from Asda, its cute and simple.  I obviously need a pen for that and the highlighter is to make it look a bit more exciting. I currently use the soap and glory righteous butter as a perfume substitute because it smells so great so a mini tub is handy. I also have a soap and glory lip balm.
I usually carry my passport everywhere because  I often get ID’d for silly things because apparently I look super young. Plus I always know where it is. During the weekend I carry as little make-up as possible and usually just go with a lipstick. Today I have a YSL. 

Of Course I carry my purse around with me which is from accessorize but I badly need to buy a new one but for now this one will do.

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