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What Skin Needs | Hydrating Facial Serum*

Hydrating facial serum

What Skin needs is an Australian skin care brand which uses natural ingredients  which are essential in helping repair and renew skin!

The Hydrating Facial Serum*(£17.99) is aimed at people who have scarring and pigmentation, suffer from skin dehydration and for helping the appearance of wrinkles and aging.  I’m lucky to not have any major troubles when it comes to scarring from spots but my skin is always needing extra hydration!

I have been applying a small amount after I cleanse morning and night and found it gave my skin more hydration something that I can never have enough of.
I have had some spots but found that the aftermath redness that is left disappeared much quicker than normal. A serum is definitely a product that I think works well with other products… for example, the serum provides my skin with even more hydration to the point where I find it hard to notice any signs of driness. However without the use of a good cleanser and moisturiser, I feel like the results wouldn’t be the same. It’s teamwork!


 Plantolin is an herbal extract from the Australian flower Centipeda cunninghamii and it has been clinically tested to “heal and rejuvenate skin faster than any other product available on the market”. And works deeper than other skin care products. Basically, it’s pretty special!

Vitamin E is also present, which I’m a big fan of as its great at slowing down skin aging and keeping your skin youthful and bouncy!

Another stand out ingredient from the serum is Maracuja oil which is rich in essential fatty acids which are noted to regenerate and replenish skin!

You can visit the website where they go into so much great detail on what ingredients they use in their products!

*Occasionally I’m lucky enough to be sent or gifted products to review or try, in these cases products will be clearly marked with a *
My opinions will always remain honest.


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