Wedding guest outfit ideas

Next month I’m going to a wedding and now I get to buy a beautiful new outfit for it! I’ve been scouring Asos for the perfect dress. I want something fancy but not too fancy… so here are a few of my picks so far!
Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Overlay Lace Pink Dress(£38)

This floaty little pink number is the perfect combination of cute and girly but kinda casual at the same time…. It’s such a lovely colour and I feel like it could be worn during summer on a casual day too… so it’s not restricted to just fancy evenings out.
I think this might be the winner…

 Wedding Guest Outfit Idea

 Glamorous Smock Dress (£38)

Another floaty number with this boho style smock dress again I feel like this is the perfect combination of looking quite fancy but still quite casual, I feel like this is a great dress for wearing and being comfortable in, especially if you’re going for the  whole day of a wedding… you don’t need to feel too stiff… The blush colour is just perfect for weddings I think.

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Baby Doll Dress(£38)

This is a bit riskier as it is white and there’s that unspoken rule of never wearing white to a wedding, but it’s such a cute little thing, I’m a sucker for babydoll dresses, this is a very sweet dress and I really like the contrast black round the empire waist.

wedding guest outfit accessories ideas

I’m always drawn to lilac things, and this little bag is super cute and perfect for going out and is it will fit just the essentials that you will need. It’s from the Cambridge Satchel Company(£75) so you know it’s going to be so well made. I think it will go perfectly with the first dress!

Wedding Guest Accessory Ideas

So this Triangle Asos Bag(£22) is a lot safer than the other bags but black goes with everything and it’s so dinky and cute! I really like the simplicity of it.

Wedding Guest Ideas

This Ted Baker bag in Mint(£29) for me will be the perfect bag, as I will be wanting to take my Olympus Pen E-Pl7, so I’ll probably go for something a little bit bigger, I think it still works, the mint gives off that wedding vibes… So if you’re like me and want to carry a little more with you but want t still have an appropriate attire then a think this is a good one.

Wedding Guest Shoe Ideas

These lace up ballet shoes from asos(£22) are another safe choice but they are so simple and classic are will go with everything you’ll probably ever wear.

but if I’m feeling adventurous I may go for one of these adorable shoes.


I think I need all of these shoes anyways, wedding or no wedding. Hurry up spring!
I just needed to share these finds because just loook! I should also point out I’m in no way a heel wearer especially to something like a wedding where I may want to shimmy and dance…

           Leah Pointed Two Part Flats (£20)
Rose Gold Ballerina Flat (£18)
          Pointed Valentines Ballet Flats(£22)
                Pointed Valentines Ballet Flats (Rose Gold)(£22)

Wedding Guest Accessories ideas

When it comes to jewellery I’m going to keep it really simple, I really like the gold cuff bangles(£10), they’re dainty and cute and don’t draw too much attention to themselves…
The Olivia Burton Big Dial Mint & Rose Gold watch(£80) is so dreamy and girly, it will accompany any outfit, and paired with the mint Ted Baker bag perfectly.

Hope this inspires you for your next wedding event!

Thanks for reading

Louise x

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