Turning 24

So that time of year came around again, I celebrated my 24th birthday on the 19th of October! I had a super lovely weekend starting it off at my friends on Saturday night where I confirmed to everyone I was indeed the Karaoke Queen and drank weird German Sorbet vodka shots. I also received some amazing presents  which I’ll leave for another post!   On my actual birthday I had fun just being lazy and not doing anything but eat food. My mum and dad made me a lovely pancake breakfast! Below are a few pictures from the 2 days.

I am not one about being bothered about my age, I guess because I still feel like i’m 16 and i’m often (always) mistaken for one, I’m also happy that I am past that stage of feeling the need to celebrate by going to a club. So this years birthday was just how I liked it, surrounded by people I love, food and good chatter and a few random games. 

IMG_0044 IMG_0041 IMG_0035 IMG_0034 IMG_0032


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