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The Most Beautiful Makeup Packaging

I am one of the many people who when purchasing make-up has a good look at the packaging because if you’re spending any sort of amount on a lipstick or blusher you want it to at least look pretty, whilst sitting in your make-up bag or on your dresser… I am heavily influenced by packaging… I put my hands up. Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to buy a product just because it looks pretty. but you know it is a big factor when I’m buying make-up.
So today I’m going to share 5 of my individual products who’s packaging is A*.

The Best Makeup Packaging

1. Charlotte Tilbury is the queen of beautiful packaging, she really has adopted the very much loved rose gold theme and I’m a serious wimp when it comes to it…. Luckily her lipsticks are excellent quality so I never begrudge treating myself, the packaging with the lipsticks is merely a bonus… But the Filmstar Bronze and Glow(£49) I had been lusting after for a while. I’m not huge on contouring and highlighting, I do it occasionally so spending £49 on the product wasn’t something I was really willing to do. But every time I saw it, with its beautiful packaging I just knew I wanted it…. Eventually, I plucked up the courage to order it and when the beautifully packaged parcel arrived… I knew I hadn’t made a mistake… The highlight is gorgeous and I often apply it, but more often than not, I use the little compact for touching up on the go… and if I do decide to do a little contour it’s this little precious that I reach for.

Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow

Pretty Makeup Packaging

2. This might not be for everyone but I think the Too Faced Love Blushes(£25) are so adorable, although a little juvenile, they’re a perfect size and brighten up your make-up table… I also like that the compact matches the shade of the blusher so you’ll be able to find it easy if you have a collection of the blushes!

YSL Makeup

3.Yves Saint Laurent Kiss and Blush(£28.50), I am a major fan of this product and the packaging when you take a stand back is very nice… At £27 the bottle is very nicely packaged with, the gold lid. It’s a bit more exciting than the standard lipstick or blusher, I actually prefer the packaging to this product to their very much loved lipsticks… this is a product I like to keep out on my dresser cause it looks nice and stands easily.

4. Perhaps a little unexpectedly I’m a big fan of M.A.C palettes(£5) in particular their quads… they are such a great size and have a nice simplicity to them… You can see easily what palette it is with the clear lid although this does mean there’s no mirror but I can live with that, There’s a magnetic lid so that it can keep closed securely…  Another thing about these palettes is they are interchangeable, if you decide you don’t like a certain colour or have finished it you can easily replace(£10) so not only does it look cool but it’s rather handy and reusable.

Too Faced Blush

5. Yves Saint Laurent making its second appearance in the list with their Babydoll mascara.(£25)… It’s very classy and simple and I love the gold writing across the tube… It is really hard wearing, as it doesn’t get very grubby looking after floating around a make-up bag.

The Best Makeup Packaging


What’s your favourite makeup packaging?

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