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One of my favourite places to shop is Flying Tiger, it’s like mini Ikea but full of weird and wonderful things that you never realised you needed (e.g. A mini metal shopping basket – now takes pride of place on my desk)
From cute little homey bits to craft and games, it’s such a cute quirky shop.

I’m going to show you some of the latest bits that I’ve picked up!


You might think you’ll never need pins this obnoxiously big but you’ll be wrong – I’m being DIY Louise and I’m using these pins to hang my backpacks and I didn’t need any screws or hammers, I also have a pin holding my chokers too. They’re just easy and simple and come in surprisingly useful.

I took a step forward in my crafting life and bought a Glue Gunnow I’m going to lie, I’ve had a little bit of trouble working this and I’m going to need to watch some videos because it’s not as easy as I thought!


I buy a lot of my scrapbook & planner bits and bobs from Tiger as they have some really cute crafty bits – these Sticky Notes*
I’m going to use in my planner, I really like the colours and the font – am I a massive dork for saying that “I really like the font” – I can’t get cooler.


My faves of the whole haul are these 2 pom pom notebooks* with blank paper inside you have total freedom to use it the way you want to, whether as a journal or sketchbook etc.. The pompoms are a removal ribbon mark to keep your page which makes the notebooks 10x cuter and the colours just please me so much! I’m really giving away my dorkiness – this is what you have to look forward to as a 26-year-old! Notebooks.  I’m so excited to whack out my label maker and name these bad boys…

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Items marked with a * were either gifted to me by PR/Brands or purchased using gift vouchers &/or discount codes given by PR/Brands


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