Thinking about Contact Lenses?

When I was around 22 I realised that my eyesight was straining, of course, I put off going to the opticians until it got to the point I was really struggling to see things like the television and signs. I finally made that appointment and got glasses! At first, I quite liked the change in appearance and enjoyed the extra accessory…  I felt like my eyesight was good enough that I didn’t need to always wear my glasses however with increasing headaches I found myself wearing them more often than not and I got to the point where my eyes were so used to the extra helping in seeing that I found it difficult to not wear them.


After around 2 years I decided to look into contact lenses… something I didn’t think I’d ever do. The thought of  putting my finger so close to my eye didn’t freak me out I just didn’t think I’d be able to it. I popped into Vision Express to ask about it and before I knew it there I was practising putting them in. First, though, my optician had to check the shape of my eyes and the moisture of them. As you get different kinds of contacts, so if you’re eyes tend to get dry there are lenses that are more moisturising etc..  That same day I was sat with a lovely girl practising putting them in and out… I was not good. Of course, they told me practice makes perfect but I was less sure.  Before deciding if contact lenses were the right choice for me I had a week trial. During that week I spent a long time trying to get them in… some days I was better than others by the end of the trial I had nailed taking them out. When I went back to my opticians she checked my eyes to make sure everything was a-okay and that I hadn’t scratched my eyes etc.. I was happy to carry on using them as was the optician. Now it was time to decide if I’d have daily lenses or monthly. I was told daily lenses were good for those who wanted to wear the lenses less often, perhaps for more special occasions. Monthly lenses I could wear the same pair for an entire month.  I chose monthly. As a monthly customer, I also get a whole lot of perks which is what I wanted to talk to you guys about because I really think it’s a great thing.


contact lenses vision express

Let me tell you about the set up first. Every 3 months I’m sent a package which is designed to be posted through your letter box!  with 3 sets of contact lenses, I also get a new contact case and 3 bottles of solutions. Although I get all 3 sets of lenses at once, I pay £17  for each pair and the money is taken from my account via direct debit each month instead.

Vision Express Complete Contact Care Exclusive Membership Benefits include the following;


After 4 years my original pair of glasses broke! (I stood on them lets not talk about it haha) I was super thrilled to be reminded that I had £59 towards any pair of glasses in the shop! So I went for these In Style black pair which was £79, so I only had to pay £20. Happy days. It’s so helpful to have this perk, I love my new pair it’s made me excited to wear glasses again.


vision express

I’ve had contact lenses for over a year now and I am soooo happy…. I love not being restricted to just wearing glasses, it makes me feel so confident and happy! Of course, there are days when my eyes just like naaah no contacts today! But for the most part, I have no problem!


If it’s something you’re thinking about i’d definitely recommend popping into Vision Express to look into their services.


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