When things don’t go to plan…

I began writing this post on Friday morning, I was listing 5 things that I was looking forward too, unfortunately, 2 of those things were ruined and it didn’t feel right to go on and publish the post.  So I’ve erased and started again. I have this thing about writing down plans or events in my journal because I feel like once I’ve written it down that I will jinx it and it won’t happen. I feel this happened after I had written a blog post mentioning said plans. I’m probably being paranoid but sometimes I deliberately miss out events in my diary to stop me from jinxing them.

I’ve had a bit of a week… Thursday I got an e-mail through to say there was a problem processing my payment for Netflix – my brother had the cheek to complain that it stopped working too (didn’t offer to pay it for once) everyone has Netflix scroungers eh. Well after I was unable to use my debit card I thought best to phone my bank – talking on the phone to people is my least favourite thing to do especially when the person on the other end tells me that someone tried to spend my money on some new stuff at Nike and on various other products including NETFLIX. How someone managed to obtain my card details I have no clue but man was it a bad day to decide to not bring a lunch from home. My card was obviously immediately cancelled when the nice man from the fraud department found out I didn’t actually spend over £400 on vista print (I wish I was making this up and I did ask the guy on the phone if he was).  I mean all is well I managed to scrape some change together for a cream bun but it was a massive inconvenience.

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Alas, it was Friday and I was so looking forward to the weekend, so much so I got up and started writing about all the things I was looking forward too. I couldn’t wait to finish work go buy some pizza and watch WWE Crown Jewel – unfortunately, we waited a stupid amount of time for our pizza to be delivered only for it to be so tasteless and oh so disappointing. Crown Jewel wasn’t much better I tried not to be too affected by the controversy of the whole thing and told myself that there are wee kids who would be so excited to see their favourite Superstars but the event itself was just a bit of a snoozefest and don’t talk to me about Brock Lesnar. Let’s hope it’s the last time we see an event in Saudi Arabia, both events that have been held there just haven’t felt right at all.
So my Friday didn’t really go to plan but at least I had Saturday night – I could not wait to put on a new cute dress, spend longer than usual doing my makeup and going out for dinner, drinks and a dance ( the only D’s a girl needs on a Saturday night) I had been looking forward to the evening since we arranged it a month prior… Saturday morning and me and my sister pop out to the shops for a bit when I suddenly started feeling a little nauseous. Waves of feeling really sick would come over me and then I would have 10 or so minutes of clarity. I kept telling myself I was fine it would stop, maybe I was just hungry but when the thought of food or drink was making me feel worse I started to panic. I cut my losses and went home deciding that I could maybe sleep it off before getting ready. Unfortunately, I didn’t win this battle and my biggest fears were confirmed I had a stomach bug and having to cancel my plans was so upsetting. I shouldn’t have added it to my bullet journal and using a Girls Night sticker was really sealing my own fate  – I only have myself to blame really.

I did wake up on Sunday morning feeling completely better, thankfully. I didn’t want to wait a whole week so I applied my new IM-Press nails and put on my new dress. It is the little things.

I hope you guys had a much better week than I did and sometimes it’s better to just laugh than cry when things don’t go to plan.

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