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The YSL Shocking Liner and a dupe.


Some more eyeliner talk on PennyxxLane, but eyeliner is a major part of my make-up look.

If you read my Feeling Blue post where I wore L’Oreal Super Liner in blue, I really loved it so decided to pick it up in black (£6.99) too.
It has a really thin tip, so you get what I call a stiletto line because it’s thin and long and fierce, of course you’re able to build it to a thicker line to create a beautiful cat flick.


YSL Eyeliner
Whilst I’ve been using the Super Line it suddenly dawned on me how much it reminded me of YSL’s Shocking Liner(£25.50), both with the long thin nib, I think the Perfect Slim is the Perfect dupe…
I did notice a couple of differences however, I myself have quite oily eyelids so eye primer is a must but I did notice that the L’Oreal liner transferred onto my upper lid a little, not terribly but more so than my other liners and the YSL one too.
The lasting power however on the super liner is impressive for a high street eyeliner with the counterpart, YSL having more longevity… but you would hope so for the more expensive price.

Both liners are really nice, with both pro’s and cons and it’s always nice to find a dupe for a rather expensive product!


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