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Testing Primark Lip-Kits

Primark Lip Kits

Primark Get Lippy Lip Kits

Welcome back,
I’m here bringing you another post on Liquid lipsticks, this time from super duper affordable Primark. Yup Primark beauty range has their very own matte Lip kits and as a lover of liquid lipsticks I was very intrigued try them. Priced at £3 could these Get Lippy lip kits rival some of the big names like Kylie Cosmetics?

I picked up two colours, one, a very typical Louise nude colour and another much more daring dark purple. They both come with a liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner and are packaged in a box which although isn’t super fancy it definitely doesn’t cheapen the products.

Primark Get Lippy - Swatches

Primark Liquid Lip kits - Flutter

Flutter is a dark brown nude, the colour that appears on the box is much more orangey than the actual colour, I’m happy you’re able to see the tube as I probably wouldn’t have chosen this colour, it is deceiving. The lip liner goes on very creamy and as is a little faint and the colour is pinker than the dark brown colour. The liquid colour I did think would be very drying but I was happy to discover that it was super comfortable to wear. It went on nice and opaque and the final colour was a very dusky pink shade, very different to the colour that is shown on the box but in my opinion much nicer. The Lipliner I wouldn’t reach for so much as 1. I don’t often wear lip liners 2. I do have better-pigmented liners in my collection already. This is a real favourite of mine at the moment.

Primark Lipkits - Flutter

Primark Lip-Kits Flutter

Girls World is a gorgeous deep purple shade and the colour on the box is much more accurate to the real life colour than flutter. I do find that the lip liner quality is much better than flutter too, it applies to the lips even smoother and the colour is much more vibrant, perhaps a little drying. The liquid lip colour has very similar quality, it goes on very nicely and one layer is enough to cover all of your lips and provide an opaque finish.
Once again I am super happy to report that the colour is so comfortable to wear, even to touch it doesn’t feel as though you are wearing anything, it’s so smooth and doesn’t cling to or dry into your lips in an unattractive manner. I would find myself more inclined to use the liner with this colour as purple is such a dark and stand out colour I do prefer to line my lips and the lip liner itself is very good.

Primark Lipkits

remark Get Lippy Girls World
Primark Lip kits - Girls world

I am so impressed with these sets I was expecting the colour to crumble and to be really drying but there really isn’t much to fault and for £3 It really is a complete steal.

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