Taylor Swift and London February 2014

I have really enjoyed working on my blog everyday, taking the pictures and putting it all together, however i’m letting down the lifestyle side . I wanted t keep my life style  categories to share with you things i’ve been getting upto.
Unfortunately I have either not being doing anything too exciting orrrr I have forgotten to take pictures. I want to keep things fresh and different so I thought I would today, write about something I done earlier this year that was a prettty big deal for me.
On February 2nd and 4th I traveled to London with my little sister Megan to see Taylor Swift at the O2 arena. I had the tickets since October so I was counting down the days.

I have been a Taylor Swift fan for 7 years now (tbh I can’t  believe it’s been quite sooo long). I’ve always find her songs so relate able perhaps due to the fact we are of similar age, but not only this I really respect her, I find it difficult to hear people bad mouth her when she is not only super talented but a very grounded person with her head screwed on the right way.  Unfortunately Taylor has never played Scotland, and whenever she played in England I was unable to go. But I promised myself and my sister (who is 13 and also an avid fan) that we would go see her the next time she played the UK, no-matter what.

I bought seating tickets in October as I was unable to get standing and then a week before the tour was to kick off more tickets were released and my Mum and Dad bought us 2 standing tickets for the 2nd. I was ecstatic not just because I had standing tickets but I was getting to see her twice.

My sister and I traveled to London a megabus overnight on Saturday 1st of February, we arrived at our hotel in Stratford and checked in at 12pm, we planned on napping before heading to our very first Taylor gig but we were too excited and this was the date we were standing and we wanted to get close. We arrived at the 02 at around 2pm and were happy to see not too many people queuing so we were about 3rd in line. In line we met a few lovely girls who we were able to get excited with.

Time really crawled by and despite being indoors it was freezing but it was finally almost time and we were given pit bands and
we all prepared ourselves for the dash to the floor.

Megan and I took our place at the barrier at the front of the stage. Megan was excited to see The Vamps who were quite fun.

But then it was time for Taylor and when the drums started playing State Of Grace my heart was beating so fast, so happy that I was finally seeing her live. The curtain fell down and there she was, Taylor in all her glory.
She was so graceful just I had expected and I enjoyed every minute. One moment that really struck me was when Taylor thanked fans for coming and thanked Scottish fans for traveling, it was nice knowing that she knew that so many of us did and that she recognized that. I was so overwhelmed and not embarrassed to say I was bit teary.
Megan and  I sang and danced to every song and we were both in complete awe.

Then it was over and we both gushed over what  we had waited so long to see. On the way back to the hotel we discussed our favourite parts, Megan’s being  the Lucky One routine and we got excited over getting to see her again in a days time. As soon as we got to the hotel we phoned our parents, my boyfriend and my friend Sam to tell them everything, as they too shared our excitement for us.  Then we collapsed and fell asleep.

Monday 3rd we had a day to ourselves, we decided to explore Westfield Shopping centre. First we had some food and we went bowling (Megan won, i’m rubbish) and ate some amazing burger and chips, then we got our nails done then carried on shopping. Later than night we went for a  TGI friday then had some pinkberry which was delicious then back to the hotel to loung
e  around and watch Something About Mary (admittedly we fell asleep before the opening credits were done).

Then it  was day 2 of  Taylor. We had seating tickets this time so we had more time to get ready however we wanted to visit the  Taylor Swift photo expedition that was on at the O2. Admittedly we  left earlier than we needed to but ahhh we were just too excited. The photo experience was cool, we seen costumes and outfits that Taylor wore during different tours and also exclusive pictures from them also.  When we finished that we went to Garfunkels for some food which was AMAZING and really great service too.

Then it was time for Taylor, it was nice sitting we were able to see the concert from another perspective (although we did stare  down to the pit where we had stood 48 hours previous with much envy).
And once again we watched almost the exact  set she had done on the sunday night apart  from the surprise song change, and surprise guest. Taylor once again thanked scottish fans and this time a few other countries for travelling.

I find it hard to put into words how much I loved those few days, I really find any excuse to talk about it because and without sounding super cheesy it really was a special moment for both my sister and I. And anyone who really appreciates music or bands and artist will probably be able to relate to this.

Anyway here are pictures from my trip

[cincopa AEOAe07cdNvY]


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