Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey


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I am a sucker for cute little individual gifts, something that I can keep and I was super thrilled to receive this retro little tub of old school sweets with my name on it from 

Now not only do you get to indulge in lots of different sweets very reminiscent from my child hood but when you are eventually done you have a little keepsake; which on a side note I think i’m gonna keep extra nail varnishes in! I think that will look so super cute.

Perfect for little ones and big ones, you can personalize it for a particular occasion and you can choose from tubs to bouquets and hampers.  And if you’re more of a chocolate lover they have a range of chocolate sweets too. You can sweet talk the love in your life with  romantic sweetie gifts including the tub pictured above.


And to make things even sweeter if you enter the code LOVE when purchasing you’ll get 10% off your online order!

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