Surviving winter

Winter can be hard, the cold, windy and often rainy weather, the long dark days and Summer sun being nothing but a distant memory. It’s no wonder that so many people dread it.
Christmas can help but once January hits, the blues usually set in.
So I’m going to give you a few simple (& probably super obvious) tips on how to survive winter.

Keeping Snug

Coat from Joules*

I hate shopping for winter coats and jackets, but buying a nice new warm jacket will not only keep you warm but it will give you a little bit of motivation to get out and use it. Scarfs, hats, and gloves are my favourite thing to buy during winter because they become a new accessory. Blanket scarfs are a complete winner, because not only do they keep you warm the traditional way they also double up as an actual on the go blanket, I like using mine during bus and car journeys etc..  Hats and gloves are a must as your head and hands keep the warmth in your body at bay. If I leave the house without a hat during winter then all is not right! They’re dead cute too.


Skin Care

Sugar Milky Body Scrub from Janjira


I’m not sure about you but my skin really suffers during the cold months, my skin feels brittle and battered by the harshness of the cold so I really go to town with face masks. My complete winner is the Garnier Moisture Bomb, this gives my skin a surge of moisture and helps loosen the tightness my face feels after a day of battling with the cold winds. I’m also really into the L’Oreal facemasks, the detox mask is the perfect mask to rejuvenate your skin.
During my many baths, I have been using this Sugar Milky Body Scrub from Janjira*, it’s a very thick scrub that helps remove any dead skin cells. The sugar makes it feel less harsh than a salt scrub but with the same benefits! It also has a very minty wintery scent. And Lip balm! My lips are always covered in strawberry lip balm from the Body Shop!

 Body butter is also a blessing, I pretty much drown myself in rich creamy moisturisers. My current favourites are below; The Odylique toning butter* is incredibly moisturising so it is a real winner for this time of year! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever used before.

Dirty Works, Odylique, The Body Shop



Get up early


On your days off try and get up early, with the early darkness looming in, the days are so short and this can make me anxious if I feel I’m wasting the day. Get up early and do something with the day while it’s still bright out. You’ll have plenty time to snuggle up in blankets in the evening. Despite how cold it can get, I still like to go out and visit things, fresh air is good for the mind. An early rise will mean a longer and (hopefully) a more productive day.


Me Time

 During Summer I always feel like I need to be doing something during the long days, But autumn/winter is all dark I love spending some time pampering myself. The bath bombs come out and I have lots of baths to help warm up my permanently chilled bones, along with some face masks. I love curling up in bed with the fairy lights on reading a book having quiet time. My days are filled with a lot of bright screens and social media. So getting lost in a book is one of my favourite things to do. I usually read fiction but I’m currently stuck in Bloom by Estee Lalonde. So yeah, a thick cozy blanket & a good book. The perfect autumn evening wind down!  Throw in some hot chocolate with cream and it is actual winter goals.




That is how I make winter a little bit more bearable, especially during  January when the blues really settle in.


Items marked with a * were either gifted to me by PR/Brands or purchased using gift vouchers &/or discount codes given by PR/Brands

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