Sunday Treasures #2 Polaroid Camera

The day I bought my polaroid.




This week in my Sunday treasures series is on my lovely polaroid camera. I have always loved the idea of polaroid cameras, I remember desperately seeking film for my parents old polaroid when I was about 11 but failing.

A few years ago I picked up the fujifilm instax 210 which is quite a big polaroid but gives nice big instant photographs, I really liked this camera but the built was just too big for quick and fun photographs. So I decided to sell it and get one of the fujifilms instax mini. As of late I have seen more and more people with them so thought I would post about mine.

My fujifilm instax 7.5 is all white with a splash of pink.






I have so many random photos, many taken with my niece as she loves the that there is an instant picture.
I have taken them on nights out and too ramdom nights, they really do add something to a picture that I can’t describe… The idea of polaroids I think will keep coming back around. Because as much as it is great to have HD pictures that you can edit to perfection, but the excitement of an instant photo can not be matched.
I would love for fujifilm to release a camera with sqaure photos, along with the credit card shape and the rectangle shape on the 210… The different shapes and sizes add something to it, and also makes great decorations.

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