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Be Summer Ready With Nivea

Well, who would have thought it that us, the UK are having proper Summer weather that has lasted longer than one whole day? Maybe soon we can stop calling it a heatwave and just call it Summer. We’re always so cheated, aren’t we?  So whether you’re jetting off to somewhere lovely or enjoying the sunshine at home it is important to make sure that we protect ourselves from the Sun because although it feels lovely on our skin it is also very dangerous.  Skin cancer is the 5th most common cancer in the UK so it is so important to take care of our skin not only during the moments we’re in the sun but really all year round.

Get Summer Ready with NiveaNivea Sun Anti-Ageing Cream

My Mum always tells me to wear sun protector on my face no matter the weather no matter the time of year – it’s really easy to add the simple step into your skin routine and pretty important.
Nivea sent me over a few products from their Nivea Sun range – I have Nivea products scatter all over my house as they are an affordable brand that I know is reliable. The Moisture Mousse is factor 50+ so perfect for giving your face protection from the beating rays – it will also help anti-ageing caused my sun exposure too. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way too but please make sure you keep topping up throughout the day.
The Q10 Anti-Aging & Anti pigments cream does the exact same as the mouse but in a cream rather than a mousse plus this product aims to help prevent and reduce fine wrinkles and pigment spots caused by the sun – again this is factor 50 so nice and high protection.

Nivea Sun Nivea Body Mousse

Finally, I have a body mousse now I know what it’s like when the heat is warm and you feel sticky and applying moisturiser is the last thing you want to do but Nivea’s body mousse is non-sticky and to be honest, it’s rather cooling when it’s applied. The mousse blends into the skin quickly leaving no residue, no stickiness just a moisturised body that smells incredible. I have the scent Wild Raspberry and White Tea which smells beautiful and leaves me feeling ( and smelling) really fresh.

You can shop these products plus more here and here

The Products in this post were kindly gifted to me by Nivea

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