Style Staple| Joanie Striped Tops

Everyone has a striped top, don’t they? No matter what kinda of style you possess, whether you’re really into fashion or if you don’t give a toss everyone owns a striped t-shirt. It’s a pretty basic but it’s a never goes out of style piece of clothing to own.
I kinda fell hard for the Joanies striped tops… I first picked up the Robo Robot red striped top and I was completely smitten with the cute and quirky design and how unbelievably comfy it was. I love clothes that you can throw on but look like you’ve put some thought into your outfit whilst remaining comfortable. I often style mine with a cute high waisted skirt and it looks completely effortless underneath a dungaree dress.

Robo Robot Stripe Top

Styling a striped tee
Joanie Clothing

I then accidentally fell back onto the website and found myself buying a black and white striped version this time with a French Fries Embroidered patch cause your girl loves some french fries (or chips but chips doesn’t have the same ring to it does it?)
Throwing on a denim skirt with a boxy t-shirt is a go-to weekend outfit for me, add a pair of boots or vans and it’s a stone, cold winner.

French Fries Joanie Top

I bought both of mine in my usual size and they do come up a little baggy but the intention is for the top to look boxy but if you want it to be a little bit more fitted I would size down. For me, it’s the perfect slouchy throw on. The slight bat-winged sleeve gives me all the cosy vibes and creates an effortless look.

We all have those simpler pieces in our wardrobe that we can’t live without and that see us through the year and these two little beauties are certainly mine.

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