Stepping into Autumn

IMG_1910It’s time to ease away from the golden, pinky toned make-up and become a lot more rosy! With the dark nights approaching it’s time to darken my make-up and here are a few products to achieve such a make-up look.
I have come to realise that my skin gets awfully dry so I picked up this Olay total effect moisturiser and serum (it was half price in tesco which was one of my main reasons giving this a try). It also has 7 in 1 anti ageing which isn’t really something I’m looking for as I’m almost 24 and people mistake me for a 13 year old on a daily basis.  It also has SPF 20 which is always an added bonus. But with the bitter cold weather that will soon be setting in my dry skin will probably not be improving any time soon so I am prepared because there is nothing I hate more than my skin crumbling when I try to apply foundation so I will be applying this duo before my
my Stila Stay all foundation and concealer which is a lot more heavier coverage than I’m use to but it is perfect for covering up any blemishes or nastiness that the cold weather brings. I will be using Realtechniques expert face brush now I know many beauty lovers have a love affair with make-up brushes but to be honest I’m not one of them, but I decided to give this brush a go, I was fed up using my fingers to apply my foundation. In the past I have tried the Real Techniques Foundation Brush but I didn’t like it and gave it to my little sister who seemed to enjoy using it. But I have to say I love the Expert face brush, I do find a difference in the finish of my make-up so yeah maybe I’ll be jumping on the make-up brush bandwagon soon enough.
IMG_1895I’m really getting into using bronzer more too, I normally only use it for when I was going out for night time occasions but I’m using more and more daily. I use the Topshop bronzer in sandcastle, I have been tempted to try different bronzer but if it ain’t broke.
As for blush I’m breaking out my MAC pro long wear blush in Stubborn which gives the typical rosy cheek look, perfect for autumn and winter.
With regards to eyes i’m going for a light bronze on the eyelid and a cute cat flick. I’ll be using the Benefit they’re real eyeliner dupe from Maybelline Lasting Drama, black shock gel liner this stuff does budge from the eyes which will be good for when the weather gets back to those windy and rainy nights. For my eyes I use my favourite Mascara which is from Cliniques High Impact Extreme Mascara which thickens and lengthens the lashes making them fuller.
To finish  off the look I’ll be wearing the ultimate autumn lipstick Rimmels Kate 107 lipstick which is a deep berry colour that will stay on your lips all day. The Kate Moss lipsticks are really great.
Of course we can match the our nails to our lips with a darker colour and I am going to go with this Matte Topshop nail varnish in denim it’s nice, dark and edgy.


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