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Staying Cosy

My name is Louise and I’m addicted to blankets – no matter the weather but particularly during the autumn and winter months. Also living in Scotland, it is cold most of the time, so I have blankets draped everywhere to keep me warm and comforted. Something I’m not usually a fan of is robes (nightgowns whatever you call them) they’re usually a popular item to be gifted at Christmas and many people I know live in them and adore them but for me, I was just more of a blanket girl.

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Enter the cosiest robe ever…. Yep, I’ve been converted, I came across this beautiful gown and I fell in love with the beautiful design and wanted it immediately.
I wanted to share my super cosy find not just because I think dressing gowns are something you would be interested in but because it’s the design that has really won me over. The dark blue with gold stars go beautifully, it has little white pom poms and of course white fluff around the hood!
It is also really comfy, the material is so soft – I do fear I won’t be able to bring myself to wear ordinary clothes. The star print is something I’m a bit of a fan of at the moment.

Robe with stars on

When I first spotted it I guessed it was from Next but I was very surprised to find that it was from Asda! So for someone who doesn’t usually wear robes and wasn’t sure how much I would wear it, I felt like the Supermarket price of £16 was worth the risk. Of course, I’ve been totally converted, is it the dreamy design? The cloud-like material? Or am I just getting old?
It’s about knee length just in case you’re looking for a longer one.

So whether you’re looking for a new nightgown for yourself or perhaps you’re looking for an affordable gift for someone else this definitely deserves a look in.  Unless you’re going to buy it for someone who hates stars, super soft materials and nightgowns.
Whilst on the hunt for Christmas gift ideas I also found Duvet Covers from Urban Outfitters which has a very similar pattern (told you I’m obsessed with stars at the moment).

affordable dressing gowns

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