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Stationery Haul & Introduction to my Bullet Journal


Well Hey, Guys! I’m coming to you today with a stationery haul and introducing you to my bullet journal!
I thought I’d give you a little update on the whole planner situation, I think I’ve finally found a system that works well with me. As much as I really like the DIY planner (& another post about that here) that I was working on I found it just too much work, although I enjoyed decorating and really personalising it was very time-consuming, however, the planner itself was too large, it was more of a desktop planner and frankly I don’t like sitting at my desk. I also tried a Hobby Craft Planner which again was just too bulky to carry around with me. Everyone is different though. I decided to give “bullet journaling” a try, I wasn’t sure exactly what the rules were but I went with it. I didn’t buy the traditional bullet notebook, as I may not have liked the system – Whilst in Asda I found a plain paged black leather( probably pleather) notebook for 75p! Now I know the original bullet journal has dots on the paper and honestly, that’s the one thing that puts me off, I know it has it’s advantages but for some reason, I feel like they would irritate me. I’ve been using it for nearly a month now and I’m really loving it, it’s so slim so I can take it with me when I’m out so I can note down any notes. In the front page, I added a little pocket using an envelope so that I hold stickers… I also have some post it notes on the other side.  I’m not the most creative person but I try. I guess it’s like a condensed version of the DIY Planner… At the front, I also have lists of books I’ve read & places I’ve visited, I’m also planning to have a page at the end of each month to share some of my favourite moments. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on with this method. (I’ve shared a few photos below of my set-up, I’m not the most creative person and I’ve also just bought a ruler so please excuse my dodgy lines.)



Now on to the rest of the haul! I had a bit of an impulse buy with Metallic Papermaina Pens – Do I need these pens? No but they’re really nice and handy to embellish the pages, the tip is rounded so I don’t like to use this for writing notes but for headers it works well. If you want a pointed nib they do have that here (I kinda wish I bought that style instead tbh)
I bought more practical pens from Papermate, the pack came in an array of beautiful colours, the colours below are my most used in my journal. I picked up a pack of 4  washi tapes from Hobby Craft, I’m in love with all the prints, I’m really into the leafy theme. – Hobby Craft is selling some great journal supplies at the moment.
I wanted to get pencil case to keep all my pens and & washi tapes so that I could take everything with me when I was on the go. Instead of going for a traditional pencil case I picked up this clear glitter cactus print makeup bag from Primark which I am loving! It’s handy that it’s clear as I can see everything so I can grab what I need easily.


I am loving the Marble and Rose Gold stickersperfect for making my journal a little more pretty looking and also super handy. The illustration stickers are from this months PaperGang box which featured bits from Arden Rose’s collection at Ohh Deer. I use these to fill up space that I don’t use! They’re cute and quirky and *soooo* Arden Rose.
Another few bits from the Arden Rose Collection is the Lemon Planner, I love the print it has such a Summer but with Autumn colours theme going on which I love.  The little planner is so cute, I’m keeping this aside for when I’m ready to use it. The desk Notes pad always come in handy and I like the simple design of this one. Can a stationery lover really have too many notepads?


Lastly, I have these Gold Stickers from LA-DE-DAH a brand that I have reached for quite a lot for scrapbooking and journaling. Cute stickers to help decorate the pages. There is five sheets of cute phrases and little symbols and it’s held together in a spiral bound. So everything stays neat and tidy.

If you have any Bullet Journal tips please let me know! (And any suggestions for great places to shop for supplies would be magnificent too).



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