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Where To Shop For A Pinterest Worthy Home (AD)

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I know I’m not the only one who spends *sooo* much of their spare time scrolling through Pinterest looking at all the dreamy homes trying to gather inspiration and ideas for my own home, some achievable some all but a dream.
I’ve put together a list of some of the things I found that would help create my ultimate home – From big pieces to little nick nacks.

made is like a whole other Pinterest but with more pining after their beautiful products rather than pinning…
Like so many other people I’m really into the copper/rose gold theme, I love the furniture that’s on MADE, the chair and bedside table with the metal hard wear is so cool. The Copper bed may not be to everyone’s taste as it does seem simple but I like it and like I said I’m all about copper. More copper with the lamp, I’m really into lampshades and where you can see the bulb, they’re so simple and I think gives a room such an openness feeling. Desks that don’t take up much space are really on my radar at the moment and the one above I think ticks the simplistic box. Another trend I’m all over is green/leafy print that is showing up everywhere, the cushion will be perfect for your bed or couch this Spring/Summer



I don’t know if you guys have noticed but Primark is killing it with their homeware range! I find myself going in for that more than anything and at the moment everything is amazing! It’s also super affordable but looks great! Win Win…. So you don’t have to spend big money to make your home look super dreamy.
I usually head to Primark for my bedding, they are so affordable and have some beautiful designs – you know you’re a grownup when new bedding excites you… I love the colours of the one above and for a double, it’s only £12 – there are some amazing bedding at the moment so definitely have a gander – there are also matching cushions which I’m also going to need!
The range of little decorative pieces and nick nacks are getting better and better each time I visit…From their range of candles to little faux plants in cute little plant pots and little terrariums
The Photo Board is perfect to have in your home office or desk area, adding little inspirational quotes or photographs. The Copper light is also super on trend perfect for a bedside table or hall table.


My favourite room in the house is the bathroom, I hope that one day I can have the bathroom of my complete dreams, I’m always pinning ideas. Victorian Plumbing has an amazing collection of baths, I’m particularly a fan of roll-top and free standing baths! The amount of time I spend pinning bathtubs is embarrassing but it’s true love.
Although I’m not a huge fan of showers I do appreciate a good shower, I think rainforest showers are incredible.
It’s a great site to visit if you’re having a bathroom makeover.

*For more Bathroom inspiration at affordable prices head to and


Ikea is one of the main places I go for bits for my home, there is such a wide range of pieces from affordable to a little more expensive. They’re a great place to go for organisers which look great and have a great function too. The Marketplace is my favourite part, though… I’m loving their range of glasses at the moment, the cactus glass I need in my life right now.
I also really love the basket which would be perfect for holding blankets, I have so many blankets lying around, it’s tidy but also decoration in itself.
Urban OutfittersUrban Outfitters totally nail home furnishings, It’s very rare I scroll through the home section of the website and see something I don’t like! Although it ca be on the pricey side their things really are beautiful. From Couches and Record Player stands, which I’m in dire need of… too, of course, cute fairy lights – I could not live in a house without everywhere trimmed with little lights.
All their decorative accessories are lovely, it was sooo hard to choose what to add to the mood board above because in reality, everything would be there.


I had so much fun putting this post together and could have honestly gone on and on and on… there is so much I haven’t included like flooring, oh lordy do I love a nice floor but I’m sure I’ll get round to that soon.


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