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Setting Up My 2019 Bullet Journal

It’s been a hot minute I know and now we’ve got our feet firmly on the ground of 2019 I am back to give you some bullet journal inspiration. The beginning of a new year is always an exciting time for those of us who are stationary and journal addicts as we don’t need to make any excuses, everyone needs a new diary or journal or 10 new notebooks at the beginning of any new year it’s just plain… science.
I was so excited to plan and execute my new bullet journal as I felt I had a real good grip of what I have come to want from my bujo. 2018 was my first full year using the bujo system and it really helped me organise my personal and work life as well as have a little keepsake of my year by writing down memories, clipping on little photos or leaflets and tickets.
2019 I knew what I wanted to do with my journal and certainly what I didn’t want to do.

In this post, I’m going to share my bujo set-up and the spreads I used for January (this post was meant to be up at the beginning of the year but that didn’t happen.) I hope that I can give you some inspiration for yours.

Just like last year, I went with a Leuchtturm Journal with plain pages, I know the dotted pages are usually the go-to but I have a thing about writing over the dots. I chose a classic green (Pacific Green) colour which I am very happy with.

Bullet Journal 2019


 A couple of essentials and a couple of non essentials


To start with I have a list of things that I wanted to use with my bujo. Not everyone will need or want these. Starting with pens – my go-to pens are the Bic four colour ballpoints – they’re so convenient as they have multiple colours but you’re not carrying around numerous pens. I have both the normal shades and then the pastel colours. These two pens have been a bit of a bujo on the go lifesaver.
The Stabilo highlighters in pastel also come in handy ( any kind of highlighter will do but I have a thing for pastels – it’s weird I know).
A ruler is also a must because I cannot draw a straight line to save myself but I also get really lazy and think I can and I end up with many a wonky line in my book.
A couple of really non-essentials are stencils, I bought a pack from Amazon that has all different shapes to help make a few things a little neater since I have absolutely no drawing skills whatsoever. Speaking of no drawing skills I decided to head to Redbubble and order a few stickers to decorate my pages because I do love a pretty bujo but I just don’t have the skills to do that soooo these came in really handy and Redbubble have so many to choose from.
When I was in JFK airport last year I bought a book of stickers from ban.do and they’re perfect for journaling, with lots of decorative stickers from some amazingly talented creators but there is also stickers like payday, dentist, laundry which can help brighten up your weekly and monthly spreads.

Bullet Journal Essentials Ban.do sticker bookbullet journal stickers

Bullet Journal Pages


There are a few pages that I like to keep at the front, one of the trickiest moments of setting up your journal is probably doing the calendar, it’s hard not to be really picky about it but being very honest it’s not a page I refer back too very often but it’s something I feel my bujo needs.
A page that I didn’t realise I need last year was a future log. I draw up my weekly spreads each month, this means any plans or events in the future couldn’t be filled in. A future log allows me to note down anything that is coming up in the future so I don’t forget or double book etc…

Bullet Journal Calendar Bullet Journal Future Log
I also have a few pages to help me document different things going on in my life.
‘Places Visited’ is a cool way to keep track of different cities, countries, towns, festivals even restaurants you have visited. I mainly keep it Geographical but it’s definitely not restricted to that.
‘Books Read’ is something that not only keeps track of the books I’ve been reading but also motivates me to read more. Writing down a newly completed book gives me the same feeling as ticking a to-do list box. oh so satisfying.  If reading isn’t your thing you could do a movie list or Netflix etc..
Something completely new I added this year is Songs of the Month – documenting the music that has filled my month will be nice to look back on.

Bullet Journal IdeasBooks Read Bullet Journal Page


Monthly Pages and Spreads


A Line A Day Page Bullet Journal
When it comes to my monthly spreads, I draw out (usually very badly) a monthly overview and have a spare page for any to-do lists and chore trackers. With every month I like to have A Line A Day so I can jot down a little something about each day, I love reading back on this.
I draw my weekly spreads up each month this means I can change anything that didn’t work the month before and I can utilize my journal to the best of my ability to a way that will suit me best.

For the first month, I would use two pages for a weekly spread – having an area for each day as well as a  little space for notes and any weekly to-do lists. This layout is working really well for me and I’ll continue to use it until it no longer fits my lifestyle. I decided to start more diary style entries on random days where the space hasn’t been filled with events or to-do lists. I think this is a great idea for weekends or if you’re on holiday whether that’s home or abroad – you get to keep a bit of a travel diary which is really lovely to look back on and also stops you from breaking up your weekly spread routine.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads


When doing your own bullet journal the best advice I can give you is do what you want, there is no right or wrong way. It’s also a learning curve, each month could be completely different and it’s all about trial and error. Before I started my 2019 journal I did write out a plan with page ideas that I wanted to carry on with from last year and pages that I wanted to try out. Following a plan when it comes to setting up your book is really helpful as you won’t forget anything.

There we have it a little insight into my bujo
I hope I’ve given you a little bit of inspiration to make yours everything you want it to be.

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