Rosy Autumn Blushes!



Today we’re going to talk rosy cheeks! And I am going to give you a high end and budget options! So I hate to do the ol’ cliche of changing my make-up to match the season but coral cheeks in the bleak Autumn and Winter just isn’t right, so I thought I would share my must have autumn blushes, giving you a high end choice and a high street alternative.

Last year the only blusher to grace my cheeks was MACs powder blush in Stubborn, it’s a beautiful deep red purple! This was all that I wore last autumn. It so super pigmented and lasts all day! It is perfect for the “frolicking in the snow” look, which is super cute. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative a good match is this one from Sleek called Pomegranate, despite the super cheap price tag this blush is highly pigmented! The only difference between the two is that there is glitter running through this one.


If you’re looking for a cream blush and perhaps a little more subtly is from Revlon in charmed enchantment, I have banged on about this blush quite a lot recently but it is my current favourite and like I said this is great for a more simple colour but easily build-able if you want more.



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