Revolution Pro Liquid Lipstick
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Revolution Pro Liquid Lipsticks

I thought I had finally kicked my liquid lipstick addiction, my lips were breathing a sigh of relief as I had been going lip product free (more so forgetting)  but then the Revolution Pro liquid lipsticks fell right into my lap.  From what I can see there are 30 shades in the collection which includes, Pinks, Reds, Nudes, and darker colours like black, blue and purple. I have three from the set to show you today.
I have to admit I have spent a lot of money on my liquid lip addiction so I’m always thankful when I find ones that are nice and affordable and at £4 each Revolution continue to offer great prices on their products.

Revolution Pro Liquid Lipstick

Revolution Pro Visionary Liquid Lipstick

Let’s start with Visionary, a beautiful pink that can be applied for a natural lip or add another layer for a more vibrant look. The colour is very opaque and with one layer feels very lightweight and not at all harsh on the lips.
Semblance appears to be a dark nude from the bottle but on the lips, you can see a hint of lilac in the colour and I have to say this is my favourite, I feel it really helps my eye colour pop.
Both shades are comfortable to wear and last a reasonable amount of time but reapply really well.

Revolution Pro Semblance Liquid Lipstick
Revolution Pro Liquid Lipsticks

Revolution Pro Liquid Lipsticks

The final shade is a gorgeous bright red ironically named Inconspicuous which applies smoothly and opaquely with just one coat. It such a stand out colour, so vibrant. I would say this shade is a little bit more drying than the first two but still comfortable. It dries to a matte, however, it does transfer a little when eating or drinking but thankfully doesn’t smudge so don’t worry you won’t be left looking the joker after eating a meal.

The one thing I wasn’t too sure of with these liquid lipsticks is the applicator, I found the rounded edge to be quite difficult to apply to the outer corners of my lips where it is much thinner. It’s not impossible but I did find it a tad little tricky.

Revolution Pro Liquid Lipstick Review
Beauty Blogger Liquid Lipstick Review

The collection has such a great variety of shades and is easily accessible and the price is so affordable, so it is really perfect for anyone who is a fan of liquid lipsticks.

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