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The Return of the Lush Haul

Well, look what we have here! A good ol’ lush haul!
It’s been quite some time since I last hauled from Lush, but it has been a very long time since they released anything new!
But everyone has been all a buzz as they finally announced and released their anticipated Autumn/winter range.
When I was in London I had a little peek at all the new releases. I was only window shopping and of course, the Oxford Street store was sooo busy but I was liking what I was seeing.
I popped into my local lush on the 1st of October and they had almost sold out of all the Halloween things but I still managed to pick up a few new bits! And now the weather has taken a very cold turn, I’m all ready for cosy warm baths.



Shoot for the stars is a gorgeous blue bath bomb with gold stars, I can’t wait I always love bath bombs that make the water go blue! The ingredients in this beauty are; Brazillian Orange oil which is recommended for dry, tired and aging skin. Cocoa Butter, Coconut cream, and bergamot oil

so-whiteReturning from last year but with a green leaf added this apple scented snow white inspired bath bomb has Rose and Neroli oil included which is known for it’s uplifting the mood, also Tunisian orange blossom and bergamot oil. I’m so excited to soak up the fragrance of So White.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

autumn-leafWith green and yellow colours, Autumn Leaf recreates a crisp autumn leaf (hence the name). The scent of this really won me over, such a beautiful light scent. Ingredients include Sandalwood oil, Japanese maple sap.

northern-lightsNorthern Lights was one of my favourite bath bombs from a year or two ago and it’s back however with a new chunkier shape, which looks like it’s packed with a whole load of goodness, ready to give us the perfect firework sky show right there in our bath water! I’m excited guys I’m really excited. Ingredients include Ylang Ylang oil and Jasmine absolute.



 What are your favourites from the new releases?


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