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Rescue your hair with Dove Regenerate Nourishment Hair Mask.

Dove Hair Masks

After feeling like my hair was needing something to give it some va-va-voom I discovered Doves Regenerate hair mask(£6.99)!
My hair was lacking any real delicacy and would often look and feel coarse, I wanted something to make it soft and healthy looking. Much like a conditioner you add the mask to the ends of your hair and leave on for up to five minutes, It smells incredible – very salon like.
Although my hair is not dry I don’t find that it makes my hair any oilier or greasier but it simply makes my hair a lot more manageable and softer.

Perfect if you are one to dye or use a lot of heat, I feel like this will help restore your hair to a much smoother condition. Red Algae+Keratin NutriComplex is what Dove is crowning as the key ingredient in helping to rejuvenate the hair from the harsh regimes that many of us do so often.

After using 2 times a week for almost a month I’ve also found the ends of my hair look much healthier, look and feel like it had been freshly cut which is always a great feeling to have.

Dove Rejuvenating hair mask

Dove Hair Care



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