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The Red Lipstick Edit


(Some of the products in this post were gifted)

Lately, my favourite makeup product to wear is red lipstick, it’s kinda like the little black dress of makeup in the sense that it never goes out of style however it’s not always so easy to pull off.  I use to find wearing red lipsticks so difficult, I felt like a bit of a fraud almost like a child playing dress up. More often than not I would wipe the bright colour off my lips and choose something a little bit safer but over the last few months I’ve really embraced the classic lip and I am now really appreciating the red lip products in my collection.

 I have five red shades that I rotate and have become my trusted faves. Now I’m going to be very honest they all kinda look the same but I mean they aren’t, they all have subtle difference and pros and cons which help me to decide which one would be the right choice for any given day.

The best red liquid lipsticks

Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (gifted) is one of my ultimate favourites, it is such an easy red to wear despite being so vibrant. For a long time, this was my go-to red lip. It’s matte so it really clings to the lips making you feel more confident and less wary about smudging it. It’s a real classic post box red.
We go real luxurious with the Giorgio Armani matte lipstick in the shade 400, this is a really rich red, I really like this one because it is gentle on the lips and doesn’t go completely matte. It looks beautiful on and is definitely being reached for a hell of a lot in the last few months. Embracing a more glossy lip.


Stila Fiery Liquid LipstickBobbi Brown Red - Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks
Bobbi Brown Semi – Matte lipstick in the very simply named Red (gifted) is another classic, this colour is gorgeous but it is definitely on the more glossy side than matte but I have discovered that I really do like a little bit shine to my red lip. I absolutely love the way this colour looks. However, I do feel like it never fully dries so I am it a bit cautious and I probably wouldn’t choose this one if I was planning on eating something pretty messy. It feels nice on the lips though and not at all drying.

Another liquid lip is from Kylie Cosmetics with Mary-Jo K – I wear this shade when I want a classic red lip but I don’t want to worry about smudging – Mary-Jo K dries down to a matte and she really does dry and you can sometimes feel the effect of that on the lips but this way I can eat a burger and wear a red lip without getting it all over my face.

If you aren’t a fan of liquid lips but you want something that won’t budge then I would recommend M.A.C’s Ruby Woo from their retro matte collection. This is a favourite among many and it gives you real matte lips and a classic red lip with blue undertones.

Luxury red lipsticks


Luxury red Lipsticks

I know they all look very similar but making a decision on which shade and what kind of finish that I want is always Vital when choosing a red. I love a matte lip but discovering a more glossy finish to red lips was such a game changer and it is nice to mix it up.

Do you have a go-to red lipstick?


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