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Pump N Volume Mascara | Dior

Dior Pump And Volume Mascara

I’m back today to talk about the Pump and Volume mascara from Dior (£25.50), I have to say I am big fan of high end mascaras, I find the quality is much better and the Pump N Volume mascara is exciting!
It has a rubber tube that coats the brush in enough product to cover your lashes with just one squeeze, perhaps illiminating any waste. I find the brush is coated in lots and lots of the mascara. Often there is excess product, but my pet peeve is a mascara that is very dry so I appreciate the amount of product that you get and the consistency of it.

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My lashes are thickened and lifted whilst also giving a beautiful curl. I’ve really enjoyed using this mascara, it’s easy to use with the bristles coating each lash generously without the need for layering. It also lasts a hell of a long time not just the product on the lashes but the effect it has on them too – on one occasion I broke the biggest beauty rule and went to sleep with my makeup on but I awoke with my lashes immaculately in place, this of course means that you do need a good makeup remover.

The packaging is very Dior, black and silver simple but sophisticated, however, as the mascara has the squeezable rubber tube it gets soooo dirty which obviously doesn’t affect your lashes but it doesn’t please my aesthetic makeup packaging wishes.  So it is something I think they could work on to maintain the luxe vibe you expect.

Dior Pump And Volume Mascara
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If you’re in the market for a new mascara and you don’t mind spending that little bit more I find this is perfect for day and evening wear as it’s easily buildable without flaking or being overly clumpy etc…

Have you tried the mascara?
What are your thoughts?

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  • Beka

    I recall using Dior’s mascara years ago and really
    loving the blue one. Maybe it’s time for a re-
    visit.. your post took me down memory lane.

    Thanks for the reminder:)

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