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Why Hello!
I am back with an outfit post! You probably wouldn’t believe me when I say that I plan so many outfit posts and 99% of them never get executed, it is a major pain. I’m always thrilled when I get one done though. On this trip over to North Queensferry, it was quite cold, I haven’t totally given up bare legs, however, today was not a day for my legs to be free, it was chilly. The sun kept disappearing too.
North Queensferry is one of my favourite places to go as I love the view of the forth bridges but it’s not a place I frequent very often. A lovely just married couple were having their wedding photos taken just next to me. So unfortunately my outfit seemed a little underwhelming to be taking photos of.
My boyfriend was the lucky sod who got to help me out with these photographs, he is not a happy blogger boyfriend, I see his soul die a little when I suggest going and taking outfit photos! Pretty sure I owe him a burger king for this shoot. Anyways, he just bought the new Pixel 2 mobile and was looking forward to trying out much raved about camera and it’s portrait mode, we were both impressed with the shots and subsequently all the photos from todays post were taken with that phone!

Now on to the outfit which I am a little obsessed with! The little polka dot number is from H&M from the summer, it has a little frill trim over the chest area which is super flattering, especially if you don’t like to bring attention to that part of your body, it does have a slight sweetheart neck which I feel makes it very feminine and cute. I’ve been wearing it a lot with a crop t-shirt to make it a little more casual. (similar asos) (similar H&M)

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BooHoo Denim Jacket

I’ve been looking for a denim coat for quite a while now, I couldn’t decide if I wanted a black or blue, oversized or fitted. There are so many options I was drowning in denim chaos. After a little browse through boohoo I noticed this slogan print… I originally wanted one with no embellishments but I really liked it and decided to go for it, truth be told I was tired of the umming and ahhing over the whole situation and was desperate to own one. I am in love with it thankfully, I’m not good at returning things – so phew! I’m not sure how the print on the back will wear down so I’ve been avoiding the rain – the jacket itself is very soft and not that rough which I really like. I am actually so happy that I went for the black I feel like it suits me much more. That’s not to say I won’t eventually get a blue denim style too. I’ve been enjoying wearing it during the not too cold autumn months but I know soon enough I’ll need to retire it for the year.
Boohoo £20

Something you won’t see me in very often are heels or block heels – I have no patience for uncomfortable feet, a few months I spotted these embroidered boots  in Primark and I felt a rush of wanting to be a little bit more adventurous with my fashion – despite buying them during Summer I felt the colours were more suited to Autumn – They have quite a lot going on so I think they would be paired better with a outfit that was a little more plain. I’m not so sure if they’re still in Primark but for reference they were £14/£16 – A price I was happy to pay for them as I know I won’t be wearing them all the time. Here are a similar pair

This outfit is a bit of a combination
of all my current favourite fashion bits that I like to sport at the weekends no matter the occasion!
I’m going to give the bag a whole post of it’s own! So keep your eyes peeled!


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