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Papergang (Ombré Edition)

Another month, another Papergang box to come through my letterbox. This month’s box is Ombre themed too.
Thanks to my monthly subscription of the Papergang box my greetings card collection is coming along nicely. It’s nice to always to have a card at hand. This month’s included two… I think the Hedgehugging card is the cutest card I have ever ever seen. I’m going to give it to my boyfriend and then cheekily ask if I can frame it.

cute greetings cards

stationary subscription box


‘I’m going to kick today’s ass’ sticky notepad is the perfect little accessory for my table… handy for making everyday notes. The zoo party  wrapping paper is colourful and quirky, it’s also great quality paper too! Kinda too good to use as wrapping paper! You could do a little DIY number and frame it to make cool artwork.

The ombre My Week diary is such a cool addition to my stationary collection. The perfect little companion to help keep you organised throughout the week. It also has a little transparent compartment at the back to hold notes or whatnot… however, I put in the mini orange October calendar (which was also included in the box this month) in the pocket as there are no dates inside the planner so I thought it would be quite handy to look too.





And there we have it! Another nice box and again I wasn’t disappointed
If you’re interested in seeing previous boxes you can read my posts here and I’ll leave the links below on where you can subscribe.


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