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Outfit Of The Day| Good Cakes & A Windy Day


Well Hey, guys!

I’ve been ill this week so my I’m kinda behind on posts, so today I’m sharing some photos from yesterday!
I really wanted some nice outfit shots but of course, the weather was super windy and cold when I was well enough to go outside! At the beginning of the week, I lay in bed while the sky was blue – just my luck really.
Feeling massively sorry for myself I decided to go get some of the best cake I know of, now that I’m feeling better.
Mimi’s bakehouse bake the most delicious cakes, I’ve yet to be disappointed, to be honest.

I usually order their cranberry or apple juice, either is a complete joy! Mimi’s is the kind of place where there is no set cake menu as each day there’s something different…
This visit I finally managed to nab a couch, I could have sat there all day it was so comfy. The slices of cake are very generous, if I’m with a few people we normally pick a couple and then all share, so we get to taste a bit of everything… *heeeeavvvven*.
We had Oreo Cheesecake, which was the nicest thing I’ve ever eaten! So light and creamy, not at all sickening and we also had a Sticky Toffee Cupcake, ahh so bloody nice! There wasn’t anything I could fault… they tasted incredible!
I do kinda regret not trying the Baked Blueberry Cheesecake, it looked like something else!


I really wanted to show you my newest fashion bit that I picked up a couple of weeks ago but it’s under my coat and it was faaaaar to cold and windy to take my coat off!  This is such a typical outfit for me, the dress is pretty recent from Asos, it’s a babydoll fit and really flattering, comfy and an all round winner for me…
The cord coat is my favourite fashion item of the moment, totally brings a boring outfit to life, this one is from Primark if you can believe it… there is a lot of versions of it in most shops at the moment.

I do feel like the cake made up for the lost days at the beginning of the week, a good slice of cake can change the world (probably).

Before Bed Tea at Mimi’s Bakehouse



  • Leslie

    I myself am a lover of cake, which is why i decided to become a baker. Ha, there aren’t really any need for pastry chefs in my town though, but i can make a mean tart. I hope you are feeling better. I sort of feel your pain today i messed up my knee running and have been inside all day while it is 70° outside, boo. I hope you have a great weekend!

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