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The One Where I Go To Friends Fest

Friends Fest - Central Perk

Hey, Guys,
This week I travelled to Cardiff so I could visit Friends Fest which was taking place in Bute Park amongst other locations.  Friends is my favourite TV show and I’ve tried for a couple of years to go to Friends Fest so I was really excited about the trip. In case you haven’t heard about it, it’s basically an event where you can go a long and see real props, real proportional apartments as well as other sets. I have a lot of photos to share so if you’re going or planning to go and don’t want any spoilers click off now cause I’m basically going to show you everything! Are you ready for lots and lots of photos!

When you book your tickets you book a time slot for your Set Tour this is the only part of the day which is time constrained everything else is very much free-flowing and doing what you want when you want. The first part of the set tour was getting to see real props from the show, I think this was my favourite part because it was cool seeing these iconic items.

Friends Fest Friends Fest
Friends Fest Props

Getting to see Ross’ leather pants, the Geller Cup and the holiday armadillo was so exciting, I didn’t realise that there was going to be all these props from the show, it was a real treat.

The next part of the tour was the apartment sets with Joey and Chandlers up first, you’re allowed to freely roam around and sit on things etc…You are in a group of around 20 which although everyone was respectful and helped out with photos I do think it would be nicer to have smaller groups as I initially felt panicked but everyone got their photos so it’s not an impossible task, you have around 10 minutes in each apartment. After everyone has looked around and had their photos the tour guide clears everyone so that you can take a photograph of it empty, which I was really thankful for.

Friends Fest - Joey and Chandlers Apartment Friends Fest - Huggsy|Friends Fest - Joey and Chandlers Apartment
Friends Fest - The Hallway Friends Fest - The Set Tour

It was a happy surprise that there was the Hall Way and honestly I didn’t even realise how buzzing I would be for it, it was so authentic I loved it.  Next up was Monica and Rachels apartment which looked great – can I move in?

Friends Fest - The Set Tour

Friends Fest - Monica and Rachels Apartment Friends Fest - Set Tours

After the set tour, we were free to explore everything else that was to offer, we decided to head to Central Perk which has 2 sections, one of which was a set which was made up of what we know and love from the show, there are a few photo opportunities including playing Pheobe’s Guitar and on the famous orange sofa that the friends spent much of their time. Although the queue was long it went down very quickly. Adjacent to that was a proper cafe which you can sit in.

Friends Fest 2017 - Central Perk

Central Perk - Friends Fest

In addition to the Set tours, there was the opportunity to recreate The Vegas wedding scene along with taking a prom photo with fab costumes. The longest queue of the day was recreating the opening credits.

Friends Fest 2017Friends Fest 2017

There were a few F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed food stalls including Monicas Moondance Diner, a sandwich stand (which you could order the moist maker) and finally there was tasty Mockolate stand which you order waffles, milk shake and crepes. Everything was fairly priced and my Crepe with Mockolate (Nutella) was delicious. The main area of the festival hosted a stage with all your favourite friends moments playing, there was beach seats and little tables so you could eat and relax. Luckily the rain kept away.

Friends Fest - Mockolate Crepe Friends Fest 2017Monica's Moon Dance Diner

It was such a fun day and the staff were great too, everything was relaxed and they were happy to help which I think played a huge part in what made it so enjoyable. They blended in and just looked like they were enjoying the day as much as everyone else.  I really hope that they bring the festival to Scotland I would 100% go again – if you’re someone who is a fan of the show and let’s face it, who isn’t then it’s a definite must to visit.

Friends Fest 2017

Friends Fest Cardiff 2017

Friends Fest Bute Park

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