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NYX Cosmetics Haul

Since NYX landed in Boots in the UK I have been a little obsessed
and returned to pick up a few more bits and bobs. I was really interested in trying their range of colourful eyeliners and mascara. Holding back from picking up every shade I picked up 2 eyeliners and one mascara.

NYX Cosmetics Review

I ummed and ahhed over what shade of purple eyeliner to buy, I decided to go for the darker purple as I was in fear that the lilac would be too light… The purple/violet(£5.50) shade is gorgeous and I’ve been loving wearing it this month! Liquid Eyeliner is such a key part of my everyday make-up. The purple is subtle enough for you to feel confident for everyday occasions and without giving you too much throwback to being 11.

I featured the purple eyeliner in my summer make routine this month

NYX VIvid Brights review



The lime green colour, Envy(£5.50) is a lot less easy to wear, although it is very nice I don’t think it’s a colour I’ll be reaching for as much… I think a more dark or khaki green would be more wearable.
Both shades apply really nicely, do give it time to dry as it can feel a bit like when you were younger and your face felt all weird after getting your face painted… the feeling doesn’t last but the colour does. I’m definitely going to pick up more colours so keep a look out for it!

On to the mascara, I chose Purple(£5.50) to go with the eyeliner and to be honest I’m kind of on the fence about it… it is very very subtle which in a way makes it more wearable and less harsh than black mascara. To be more vibrant you need to apply a few more coats.  If you’re in the right light it shows up better.



After falling in love with the first two soft matte lip shades I bought (read post here) I bought another shade…. Abu Dhabi(£5.50) another brown nude shade… It is very natural and not very exciting and I have like a million other shades that are the exact same but the formula is great!

So there is my lil NYX haul, I would love to hear your NYX Cosmetics recommendations


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