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Nudes from KIKO & L’Oreal

Nude Lipsticks from KiKo & L'Oreal
Nude Lipsticks from KiKo and L'Oreal

Welcome back,
as you guys may or may not know I am a lover of nude lips, the lip colour has been heavily featured on PennyxxLane and if you thought that today I would be showing you some fantastic red or a dashing pink well sorry to disappoint because I’m just too predictable. I know there are many people who are similar, they have dozens of lip products of all the same shade but somehow they’re not the same.
I’ve recently picked up another two shades and of course, I wanted to share especially as one is a recent release.

L’Oreal Lip Paint/ Matte 
A new release from L’Oreal is the Lip Paint collection, a strange formula which isn’t liquid (despite being described as that from L’Oreal) but it’s obviously not a lipstick either, it’s almost like a thick cream. It applies to the lips smoothly and slowly sinks into the lips to leave a matte finish. The light formula doesn’t feel heavy or drying on the lips. The range has 9 colours but nude-ist (£6.99) I really love. It’s A dark nude with almost a hint of purple to it but it still has the tone of a casual colour and the way it sinks into the lips makes them looks more natural. It’s said to last up to 8 hours which I would almost agree with if you don’t eat or drink and I mean I will eat at least one chocolate biscuit in that time.

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Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipsticks

Kiko Milano has recently opened a store in Edinburgh and I haven’t seen it empty so it’s been hard to have a good survey of what they had to offer, however one thing I did pick up was a Nude lipstick. The prices are very reasonable but much of the packaging echoes that of some higher end brands, a good example of this is The Velvet Passion lipsticks – they have a cool metal exterior with a magnet closure, I am a fan. The formula is very creamy similar to Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution range which is a pro, the colour 301 beige has a more orange tone to it, due it’s more moisturising nature it isn’t as hard wearing than say a liquid lip but lasts few hours before needing a touch up, again depending on food and drink consumption. I think the more frequent touch up is a fair compromise for a matte lip colour that will be more gentle and less drying on your lips. I know that my lips benefit from a break from super drying matte liquid lips so I’m thankful for these formulas. The range has around 30 shades with varying colours and priced at £6.90

Nude Lipsticks



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