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My nail varnish picks!

I have always been a big nail varnish girl, I really hate not having my nails painted, and over the years I have gathered up quite a collection of colours. So today I thought I would tell you my favourites so we can share our nail varnish giddiness together whilst having super lovely coloured nails.

I’m going to start off talking about Barry M, and it won’t be the first mention that this very popular brand gets on this post. As you may probably know Barry M is very popular and verrrry affordable therefore I have quite a few Barry Ms in my collection, Prickly Pear is probably my favourite barry M, it’s so delicate and feminine, i’m pretty sure it could make even the manish of hands look beautiful. I think it’s so light and delicate that it would be hard to get fed up of it, so if you’re in a bit of rut and not know what colour to wear it’s quite a simple choice. You can shop this and the rest of the barry M range here 

Next up is Topshop, I’m quite a big fan of topshop nail varnishes, they have a great selection of colours and the formula is great, in particular AWOL, it’s a lovely nautical kinda bluey colour, it’s really eye catching and an unsual. To be honest I think blue is my favourite colour of varnish. Buy it here

Bourjois seem to have a knack for nail varnish, the formula is spot on, their brush  is spot on, blues no blues is my favourite again this is so easy to wear and if you’re looking for something that will be quick to put on it is this, one swipe on each nail and you’re done (Literally). Plus the bottle is pretty nifty. You can buy it here

Sinful Colours is up next with their “exotic green” it’s a great colour.It reminds me of an enchanted forest in a disney fairytale. It’s so, so pretty and the formula is pretty great for a brand that cost £1.99… yep £1.99. It’s a great green colour and  perfect for the autumn winter months…. or any month or weeeek you fancy. Buy it here

Next I have Space Dust by Rimmel, which is a dark glittery colour, however it is so thick with product that you don’t need a base, so although in the bottle it looks like any other glitter, it’s not. I wear this stuff on it’s on. It’s very dark but the glitter gives it a nicer look. Plus it last ages on the nails. Buy it here

Of course it wouldn’t be a nail varnish post if I didn’t mention Essie, I like essie but they are quite expensive and plus my local boots doesn’t stock them so I don’t have many. But my favourite is splash of grenadine.This colour is so beautiful, and I am not the pink nailed kinda girl. But this is so beautiful, it’s kinda bubblegummy and has a hint of purple/lilac to it. I haven’t seen a colour like it before. Buy it here

We’re now back to Barry M this time with Blueberry, this is another blue colour, it’s a light blue which again looks gorgeous on the nails.This is definitely been much loved by me. Buy it here.

Next up we have Models Own, another really great brand for nail varnish I have the colour Grape Juice, and it is sooo pretty. If you are someone who likes more subtle colours this is a great one for you, because  although it stands out on the nails it’s not in your face. It is a beautiful lilac/pink colour. Perfect for any occasion. Buy it here

So there we have it, these are the colours you will often see on my nails but i’m sure i’ll have more nail varnish picks for you in the future.

What are your go to nail varnish colours?
Thanks for reading

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