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Being someone who loves make-up and has quite the collection building you soon find what products are “the one” because you can’t handle taking them out of the make-up bag. Weather it is because they are easy to use or long lasting.Here are my staples

Macs paint pot in painterly is the newest addition but from the first time I use it I knew it was a keeper. I really love a nude eye and slick of eyeliner for my day to day make up, and painterly is the best thing for me to use for it, it clears up any redness or veins and applies so smoothly and creamy. My eyelids are quite oily and my eyeliner use to have a tendency to transfer on to my upper eyelid but painterly primes my eye perfectly.
I wear it under eyeshadow too as my eyeshadow applies better over it.
I really can’t rave about it enough.

I haven’t been very silent about my love for Soap and Glorys Supercat eyeliner, it’s my ultimate favourite, and even if I fancy trying something different I always have this in my bag just incase. I find it so easy to use, I love it. It makes applying eyeliner a little less stressful.

I always rebuy cliniques high impact mascara, because it’s an all rounder, it lifts my lashes as well as thickens them, and the formula is so black it’s great for a bold lashes. It’s just always good to have.

My favourite lipstick of all is from Charlotte Tilbury in Very Victoria, a gorgeous warm brown, the formula is incredible, matte but so moisturising and creamy. I always have this with me despite what I’m wearing on my lips. It suits my skin tone so much. I love it.


Sleeks Rose Gold blush (£4.99) is just lush and is perfect for spring and summer, being a gorgeous pinky coral colour with an amazing shimmer running through, it great for glistening the cheeks for a nice healthy glow.



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