My eye primer power duo

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There is nothing worse than spending time making your eyeliner perfect so that your eyes look wonderful and sleek for a few hours later to look blotchy as hell and have transferred from your eyelid to your upper eyelid, it is the worst!!!!  So I was very excited to try the much raved about primer potion by urban decay. My transfer problem did improve but I found some days it didn’t work so well.
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Among my make-up collection I had the Laura Mercier eye canvas that I liked to use to help even out my skin tone as my eyes get a bit dark and red. However I never used the eye canvas everyday but when I did, underneath my primer potion I found my eyeliner not only lasting longer but that there was no smudge parks on the roof of my eyelids…  So I began using these two products together and I’ve found my perfect eye primer duo…

This duo comes at a price, I bought the eye canvas from Harvey Nichols for around £17 (but it will last you) and the primer potion at £8 so it’s not the cheapest options.
Although I have heard many, many people rave about the primer potion so that may be all you need, but for me this is the winner.

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