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 One of my favourite places to pick up things for scrapbooking is Tiger… they have little bits and bobs to help decorate plus its pretty cheap.
I picked up some sticker letters because they’re always useful to have. The balloon stickers I picked up because I was planning on adding some pictures from my friend Sams birthday, there are multiple birthdays throughout the year so these will always be nice to add to the page.

 One of my favourite things I picked up were these tags, I said in my last scrapbook post that I wanted to find ways of making each page different so adding these tags to write little notes and dates on is really sweet, I like what it adds to the page.

Stationary Haul

How To Scrapbook

I pick up washi tape whenever I can, they are pretty cheap to pick up individually, Tiger usually does them for £1 each and they also do packs of 3…  I picked up the super cute pink and red love hearts, and red & white stripes…. they’re both very glossy rather than paper like. I use washi tape to make a border round the page or round photos etc…

Washi Tape

Craft Haul

where are your favourite places to pick up scrapbook materials?

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