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Marc Jacobs Beauty


Marc Jacobs finally launched his much sought after Beauty line collection in the UK via Harrods last year and I’ve been champing at the bit to try the luxury beauty brand.  I finally got my hands on some bits and I’m so excited to share them on PennyxxLane.
Let’s start with eyes the bestselling gel crayon Highliner has now been created in 12 matte shades, I am a big fan of gel liner, I find that gel formula are very long lasting and apply really well to the lids and it’s in pencil form makes it all the easier to make your eyeliner perfect. I have the shade (Earth)quake, a beautiful brown that compliments the eyes, providing a lovely frame without being as intense as a black. Not tooting my own horn or anything but brown eyeliner works soo nicely with blue eyes. Highliner goes on the lid smoothly, I’ve even found myself using it on my waterline, something I haven’t done for years but the softer brown is less harsh and I love it. The handy pencil also has a built in sharpener so you can easily reshape it.  The range comes in a bunch of different shades, I love using fun colour liner especially during Summer, so you have a great choice too.  Velvet Noir Mascara is a full impact mascara which creates the most standout lashes ever, not only do they give you great volume but it curls the lashes incredibly well. I’m not one to wear fake lashes as I hate how it feels, but sometimes I really like the full lash effect and this mascara helps create that. Although I love brown eyeliner I much prefer my mascara to be black, especially when I want them full of life. It lasts all day too.

I’m having a complete love affair with Moody Margot from Nudes Sheer Lipstick, it has been my go-to lipstick this month as it’s so easy to wear for every day plus you don’t need a mirror to apply so it’s great for on the go. I love the formula it’s so moisturising but I still get a lovely colour pay off. It also doesn’t feel tacky or sticky!  I’ve been wearing Moody Margot on days I want to be more natural and going for a ‘no makeup makeup’ look and it also compliments when I’m going for a dark eye, serious eyeliner day. It’s an all-rounder… Dare I say that it’s your lips but better shade for me?
The Line has 10 nude shades which will give your lips a lovely sheen and are just super easy to wear. I’ve found myself shifting from a regular matte lip girl to something more kinder t0 my lips and  I’m excited to try more shades, the range is definitely on my radar.

I have to say, Marc Jacobs Beauty has not been a disappointment, I’ve reached for if not all 3 at least one product each day. The quality of the products are undeniable and the packaging, of the Nude Sheer Lipstick, in particular, is beautiful and screams luxury which I expect nothing less from a brand like Marc Jacobs.


Have you tried Marc Jacobs Beauty? What should I try next?

The Product(s) mentioned in this post were kindly gifted to me as a press sample. 


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