Make-up Table Top Tour



Today I thought I’d give you a tour of the top of my desk! I have to admit I am not the tidiest person on the planet, and I have a lot of things and my table is very well used and is often covered in different things (mostly beauty things).
As you can see I have a cluster of nail varnishes that I have been using recently. My storage drawers are from Ryman and the mirror is from Ikea aswell as the table itself.
The tub with brushes I have had for many years but i’m pretty sure it’s from WHsmiths.
The colourful mini chest of drawers were my sister and to be honest I don’t hold a lot of things in them it’s mainly decoration. The lava lamp is from MenKind.



The love heart jewelry holder was a lovely gift from my friends Sam and Graham from my birthday a couple of weeks ago
As you can see I have some of my jewelry on it now and I think it adds a lovely touch to my desk. IMG_0105
The lipstick holder I think I bought from amazon but you can get really cheap ones from Ebay. I don’t know about you but there is something about Lava lamps that make me feel all cosy and nostalgic inside and even when it’s not on I think it’s a lovely decoration.

I was given a pair of these candle holders from my friends Sam and Graham for my birthday and they are so cute, they can actually hang but I like having them on either side of my desk. Inside I have coral coloured candles from Sainsburys which I think adds a lovely pop of colour to them.


In the clear storage drawers I tend to keep lip products that don’t fit in my lipstick holder or things that I don’t use so much

So there we have it, my desk top! This is as tidy as it will ever get but I like the almost cluttered look.

Hope you enjoyed



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