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Liquid lipsticks are everywhere, and I for one are obsessed! MAC released their Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks and I got my hands on two very different shades!

Divine Divine is a baby pink colour but with real vibrancy, when applying I like to dab it on otherwise it can wash me out a little and be too much!  The formula is a little drying so best to prepare your lips with some heavy duty lip balm. However, this does mean that the colour lasts a long time even whilst drinking!

MAC Liquid Lipsticks


High Drama is a dark purple colour which may look a little intimidating but I really love it! Although it’s not the easiest to apply it is a fantastic colour! It also lasts on the lips for a long time making it rather difficult to get off. Funnily enough, I found it wasn’t great when eating food. So it’s perhaps one to avoid if you’re going for dinner!

Out of the many liquid lipsticks I have tried, these aren’t the best… I think the formula needs a lot of working on so that they feel more comfortable on the lips, because although they’re aren’t terrible to wear you are definitely aware of them on your lips.

what are your thoughts on the range?

macliquid lipstci



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