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M.A.C Lipstick Collection


Throwing it back a little bit with an ol’ M.A.C Collection, I’m pretty positive that my sister has stolen at least one from me, somehow it doesn’t seem complete but oh well!
It’s a pretty modest collection none the less, although I don’t find myself picking out and buying M.A.C lippies like I use too I do wear what I have quite often, with some firm favourites in the bunch.
The first three are all in the brown nude family… starting from left to right we have Velvet Teddy (Matte) a big favourite and one of my ‘not sure what lipstick to wear so I’ll just wear this’ shades, it’s flattering and suits everyone I’ve seen wearing it. In the middle is Faux (Satin) a brown with more pinky tones, this is another one I reach for often as it’s such a wearable everyday colour.  Whirl(Matte) is the last of the first trio another beauty lover fave and probably my favourite MAC lipstick too just like Velvet Teddy it’s a very creamy matte so easy to wear even when my lips are looking a little bit chapped, Whirl is quite dark so it may not be to everyone’s taste but I do love a brown lip.


Creme Cup (Cremesheen) was one of the first M.A.C lipsticks I bought, it’s very moisturising but also has a good wash of colour, the perfect no-nonsense option, easily applied with no mirror kinda thing. Viva Glam ll (Satin) is a more a creamy version of Velvet Teddy, another shade that I enjoy wearing as it’s such an uncomplicated colour to wear and it’s another 90s lip colour option which I still love and have done for like 1o years now (hence why you see a lot of the same lip colour on this blog).
Pink Plaid(Matte) is on the right and is a blue tone pink, I really enjoy wearing this as it’s matte it can be more vibrant but still wearable


The only “Collection” item I won was from the Kelly Osbourne collab, dodgy girl (Matte) was just a beautifully vibrant pink with hints of lilac which at the time I was all about. It’s quite bold and a standout lip colour which I don’t reach for as often nowadays. None the less it’s a beautiful shade which will always have its moments. I’m not often that bothered about the MAC Collabs, however, I thought the packaging of the Kelly Osbourne collection was really nice, so I’m happy I have the lipstick even for aesthetic and nostalgic purposes. For a very long time, Lavander Whip(Creme Sheen) was the only colour I would wear, a subtle pinky purple which was very moisturising so always looked lovely on the lips, unfortunately, it appears to have been discontinued so I can’t link you to it.  The beautiful So Chaud(Matte) is a red which is so easy to wear, I went through a phase of wanting to wear red lipstick casually but found it hard to find a shade that wouldn’t make my makeup look overdressed, I found So Chaud was perfect for dressing up or wearing for a normal day to day business. It’s matte but not overly drying. If I want to wear a red lip it’s the shade I’ll go for.


The final lip product is from 2016’s Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour collection, Divine Divine is a very classic baby pink, it’s a beautiful colour, unfortunately, I’m not a fan of the formula is very dry and uncomfortable and almost flaky. I don’t think I’ve used this since the first week I bought it. I’m a big liquid lip fan and I can deal with some of the harshnesses a matte liquid lip can bring but I just avoid this one.

I think I’m well overdue buying a new MAC lipstick, please let me know your suggestions!


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