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M.A.C | Burgundy Times Nine

wearing star violet


Have you ever had your eye on a product and you toy with buying it for a while and then suddenly give in and make the purchase…. and realise you made such a great decision?
Well thats what happend with the Burgundy Times Nine(£30) eye-shadow palette from MAC…

I was in MAC browsing the eyeshadows looking to find something new to put in my quad… nothing was jumping out at me but I spied Haux, a very simple beige colour…I thought about buying it but it didn’t seriously excite me… thats when Burgundy Times Nine popped into my head… I had been eyeing it up online for quite some time.So I done a fast walk (trying to hide my anticipation and excitment) to see if they had it in… They did and when I looked at the names I spotted Haux was part of the palette… I took that as being fate and it would make more sense just to buy the palette there and then.

With a range of pinky browns and cranberry colours I am obsessed…  It’s got a great combination of colours for a more simpler everyday look to a more glamorous evening look with the heavy glitter shades. The shadows are so creamy and apply so well. I think it has Autumn written all over it with the coppers and burgundy shades but even though Autumn has long gone, i’ve been unable to prise myself away from this palette!

My current favourite shadows from the palette is Antiqued a beautiful coppery red with a slight glitter running through it….And on the other scale of colour Haux, a matte pale brown with a slight pinkiness to it… perfect for a more everyday look.


The full list of shadows going from Left to right…

Top Row – Honey Lust, Poppyseed, Quarry.
Middle Row – Antiqued, Embark, Noir
Bottom Row – Haux, Star Violet, Sketch.




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