Dior luxury makeup
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Luxury Makeup from Dior

Dior luxury makeup
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I’m so excited about this post because I’m talking about Dior Makeup, a brand that I have recently purchased from, being a makeup lover I get excited when I try a brand I haven’t used before, and Dior is pretty beautiful and luxury brand.

The Diorshow Art Pen (£27.50) eyeliner is a very standard liner perfect for creating a flick easily, the nib narrows to a very  small tip that allows you to create a very thin line very close to the lid so that there are no gaps which can be an ins sue with some liners, I don’t know why but it happens, BUT not with this bad boy. I love how precisely it applies to the lid, I can create a thin line and make it thicker if I want. Making a flick is also super easy. As it allows you to create such a thin line I felt like I had complete control of how thick I wanted it – this helps prevent more mistakes. It’s such an easy liner to use I’m really enjoying it. I do get a little transfer but my eyelids are very oily, once I use a primer I have very little issues. It is a little bit more expensive but I would definitely recommend. The Pen comes in black and blue.

Dior Artshow liner penDior Lip Addict Lip Tint

The Dior Lip Tattoo lip tint goes on glossy and dries into a matte finish to create a long lasting lip colour. I’m going, to be honest, and I did worry that this may have been a bit of a gimmick and priced at £25 it’s an expensive gimmick. The very pigmentated colour is also like an oil consistency but soon dries on the lips and leaves a really pigmentated stain on the lips. Once it dried my lips felt super smooth and altogether felt like I wasn’t wearing anything. A gimmick this Lip Tattoo tint it is not. I have the shade Natural Rosewood a beautiful rosy colour.

Dior Lip Tattoo
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  • Blushy Darling

    I just got the same lip tint, I’m going to review it on my blog next week, I’m still testing it out, so far I love it xD I love the aesthetic of your blog! Love, Mimi


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